Decimal Memory Game

buy finasteride online prescription This is a simple and fun memory card game which reinforces the concept of decimal numbers using clear visuals.

order Phenytoin There are 24 cards altogether of 12 matching pairs. Each pair has one card which displays the value in digits (whole number and decimal tenths) and one card which display the value visually through a clear diagram.

Print, laminate and cut out the cards. In pairs, or small group, students lay the cards face down on a table. They then take turns to turn over two cards. If they find the two matching numerical and visual cards of a particular decimal, they may keep the cards and have another go. If not, they must turn the cards back over and the next person has their turn. It is important to remember where the cards are positioned for future turns!

These cards can also be used to play decimal snap or simply as a visual prompt when teaching decimals.

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