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Reward Coupons

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see Reward your students by allowing them to choose coupons and cash them in. Watch your students’ motivation increase with this perfect complement to any classroom behavior system. Included are 32 different reward coupons. You could use them all or pick and choose the ones which suit your class.

cheap prednisone 10mg Examples of coupons included:
Listen to music during class
Write with a pen all day
Sit on a cushion all day
Choose a prize from the treasure box
Sit at the teacher’s desk
Wear a crown in class
Free choice for 10 minutes
Choose colour of board pen
Be the teacher’s helper all day
Bring a toy in from home
Extra playtime for the whole class
Choose a class story
Eat lunch with the teacher
Sit by a friend all day
Positive phone call home
Show a talent to the class
Read a story to the class
Bring an item from home to show and tell

Plus much more!


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