All About France – Country Study Ideas

Country studies are so much fun and give students the opportunity to explore a new culture and way of life. They can also cover a range of subjects across the curriculum and are brilliant for thematic learning. Here are nine ideas for teaching a country study all about France!


France Facts

I love to develop my students’ map work skills during a country study. A key part of this is to identify and label the capital city Paris on a map. Looking at key locations as well as any surrounding seas is also great for developing your students’ map skills.

All about French Food

Food tasting is a great way to learn all about French culture, but make sure that you check student allergies before the food tasting with a note home to parents. Students could even make their own French recipe or dish. Play French music at the same time to enhance the experience!

French Words

Learning basic French words and phrases is another way to immerse your students in the country study. Try to use these in other contexts in the classroom, such as greeting students in the morning or when answering the register.

Sight Seeing

France has many iconic landmarks which are so much fun to learn about. Help your students to explore  France and its history by investigating some key sights. The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe are all great landmarks for your students to learn about.


A key part of exploring a country’s culture and history is through festivals. Bastille Day is a key event in the French calendar and learning about its history and how it is celebrated will give students an insight into the country and its people.


The Tour de France is possibly the most well known of all cycling races and is held in France during July each year. This iconic race is great fun for your students to learn about.


After teaching the French facts throughout the country study, I love getting students to write postcards, imagining they have been on holiday to France. They really enjoy applying what they have learned and writing about France in a postcard home.

Favorite Facts

After teaching my students about France, a fun way to reflect on the country study is for students to record their favorite facts from the study. This is great way to embed their knowledge and recall the key facts that they enjoyed learning about.

Word Search

A France word search is another way to reflect on and recall their learning. It also helps to embed key vocabulary.


Finding quality resources and information for a country study can be time consuming, but I have done the hard work for you with this great France country study.

Included is Powerpoint teaching presentation all about France, no prep required and ready to go to save you time! All of the information for the activities included in the unit can be found in the Powerpoint.


The activities included are differentiated on two levels to suit the different leaners in your class.




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